The Major Do’s and Don’ts to Follow Before Hiring a Skip Bin

June 05 2018
Cheap skip bins Melbourne

Whether you are looking to hire a skip bin for a household clearance project, for a residential DIY or you own a commercial building company and are looking to dispose off your building waste, it is important that you go for a cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne for the convenient disposal of all your garbage and waste.

But, during this process, it is important that you don’t fall into the trouble of any legal laws or legislation, or violate any safety rules. Because doing so can get you into trouble and incur extra costs. Following the below mentioned do’s and don’ts will help you to make sure you abide all the terms and conditions of the skip hire agreement.

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1. Order The Right-Sized Skip Bin

It is understood that ordering a skip bin that is too big for your requirements means that you will have to pay extra while ordering the one that is too small will damage your wallet. Once, the small bin is full you will have to order another one, which can double your costs and incur further charges. Therefore, while you go for cheap skip bins in Melbourne, it is extremely important that you ensure about its size before placing the order. Also, check out the skip bin size charts available on various websites that will help you in choosing the perfect size for your needs.

2. Do Not Overfill The Skip Bins

All your garbage or waste should be filled up to the top level of the skip container. Over accumulating the waste in the skip bins can cause the vehicle to exceed its permissible weight limit. In similar situations, the driver or the company is liable for violating the rules. Also, an overfilled skip bin possesses a serious safety threat to other road users. Overfilled skips can be refused by the driver and also incur you with extra charges for removal of waste. Therefore, make sure that you follow safety rules and fill the skip bins only up to permissible limits.

3. Consider The Positioning of The Skip

It is vital that you consider the positioning of the skip bin to maintain road safety. Will your skip bin be placed on the highway? What are the types of rubbish you will be throwing in it? How much is the quantity of the garbage?

If the skip bin is placed on the highway then you will require a permit along with extra safety measures and traffic cones to ensure the safety of others on the roads. A Melbourne skip hire company will be able to provide you.

4. Do Not Dump Dangerous Materials

Many common items like chemicals, asbestos, fridges, light bulbs, solvents, tyres, vehicle batteries, TVs, gas bottles, etc are not allowed in a skip bin. However, every skip bin hire company might have different limitations. Therefore, it is the best to check with your Melbourne skip hire company before you go for a waste disposal service to ensure that you are clear about the rules of your skip hire company.

5. Check Your Paperwork Thoroughly

If you want to leave your skip bin on a public road, it is mandatory to obtain a permit from the local council specifying your address and the start date of the cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne. If you fail to obtain the permit, it might incur a fine as well a retrospective application for your license. In major cases, it might also cause the removal of the skip bin with full payments. Therefore, when you hire a skip bin, make sure that you check your paperwork thoroughly.

6. Do not Choose The First Company You Come Across

Getting quotes from multiple companies will help you to find the right cheap skip bins in Melbourne. Do not go to the first company that you find online. There are many traders that will extort money from you for inadequate services. To avoid this, make sure that you check the company’s credentials with the environmental agency so that you know they are a licensed waste carrier or not. Also, check for testimonials and customer reviews so that you have a clear idea about the reliability and quality of the company.


These are the few basic but important things you need to know before hiring cheap skip bins in Melbourne, so as to avoid major pitfalls and get complete value for money services. Additionally, also make sure that you check with your skip hire company for its regulations and follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts for a smooth skip hire process. For more information, read our blog on important¬†things that need to be considered during skip bin hire.

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