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7 Effective Ways to Get True Value from Your Skip Bin Hire

Generally, waste is generated when you indulge in activities like renovating a home, building an extension or moving to a new business premise. Now, this itself is an expensive task and you’d definitely are not looking forward to spending unnecessarily on other things that accompany these activities. However, there is one area where you can save a considerable amount of time and money and that is by finding the services of cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne.

Hiring a skip bin is certainly the best option when it comes to disposing of large amounts of household waste. It makes your waste disposal process easy and efficient.  So, how to ensure that you are not spending more on the skip bin hire service? Let’s find out!

How to Find an Affordable Skip Bin Hire Service?

One thing is for sure that hiring a skip bin is a wise choice when you need to dispose of a huge amount of waste. There’s always the need for professional services to manage things and dispose of the items that you don’t need any more. Some homeowners try to deal with the waste by themselves and end up complicating the scenario.

On the other hand, hiring the professional skip bin hire service will provide you with the best solution to garbage and wastage. Though, to hire the best service in your area, it is necessary to ensure that the job has been done in the perfect way. In addition, you should remember that you are not just hiring the best in the business, but also the one who has cost-effective services.  This may demand you to put in little efforts that can assist you in finding the cheap skip hire services.

Below-mentioned are some tips that will help you get an affordable skip bin hire service:

#1 Search on the internet and compare the prices

In order to get the best deal on the skip bins, it is always recommended to search the skip bin service providers on the internet and compare their rates. Nowadays, the skip bin providers offer the prices on their website itself. So, you can get the idea by taking a quick look at them.

However, your criteria should not just be limited to finding the cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne. Typically, the service is available for several days. So, while a service provider is advertising a cheap price, be sure to check the length of hire.

In short, get detailed research on the prices while comparing the service providers on the basis of different parameters like type of skip bin and the number of days they are offering the hire service. This will give you insights into which company offers you the most affordable service.

#2 Find out more about company services

Before hiring a service provider, you must be fully aware of the kind of the services that they are providing. Also, you need to confirm that they suit your needs and budget. Always look for a company that has customisable properties. The reason is; they can be chosen according to your respective requirement and the services as well as the resources can further be customised according to the demand.

Thus, it is advisable to know more about the company services before you end up hiring one.

#3 Contact more than one company

After carrying out the research, do not end up calling just one skip bin hire service provider. To ensure that you are making an informed decision, it is wise to contact more than one company and know about their service and pricing. If you find that a particular company is matching your requirements, have flexible services and is also available at affordable rates, you know your pick then. Comparisons make it easier for you to decide that the hired company will suffice all your rubbish removal needs.

Cheap skip bin hire Melbourne

#4 Look at the size and fill options

With a majority of the skip bin services in Melbourne, the scenario is that you pay for the size of skip bin you hire. This is regardless of how much you fill the skip – it may be just half or even full. It is best to first identify your rubbish and based on that go ahead, identifying which size of the skip can turn out to be perfect for you.

If you don’t consider the quantity of the rubbish, you may face a situation where one skip will not be sufficient, hence you will have to opt for another skip – ultimately making it a costly affair.

#5 Beware of extra costs

If you think that a particular company is providing you with a cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne, be alert to investigate if there are any extra or hidden costs. While many companies will advertise their prices to be the cheapest, the hidden costs that come along with it can raise the prices dramatically. So, it becomes imperative for you to ensure that there is no additional fee for disposal of recyclable items. Also, do not forget to check the policy on overfilling a bin.

These are the two most common mistakes made by the first time users who believed that they are hiring the services at quite cheap rates. Remember that you should not book the skip purely based on price. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions and that the prices advertised are all upfront and inclusive.

#6 Check license and book in advance

Before booking the services of a company, ask them their license and also clarify that the company is authorised to provide skip bin hire services. Additionally, they must have experienced workers and a lot of resources to remove the rubbish and dispose of in a manner that it should not trouble anyone.

#7 Find if they offer same day delivery service

Time is money. Moreover, if you are renovating or moving the premises, you have to meet the deadlines. Thus, you will have to be mindful of the skip bin service that you hire. If the skip bin hire service provider is not particular with time, you can end up not only with making the skip bin hire expensive but you may also face issues with time management.

It is best to look for a service of cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne that offers you with the same day delivery. You can further choose to have a skip delivered to your location on the same day of ordering or on a date you request. This way, you can plan out your schedule while managing your time effectively.

Apart from these 7 ways to get the true value out of your skip bin hire service, do not forget to have a look at these 4 Important Tips to Consider While Hiring a Skip Bin.

Wrapping it Up

You will need to follow some basic tips in order to get the maximum value from your skip bin hire. Always hire a skip bin that is appropriately sized for the amount of waste you have. Never overfill it; after all, there are certain protocols that you need to abide by when it comes to filling up the skip bin. Simply remember that you should have enough amount of waste to dispose of and should know which type of waste can be disposed of while using skip bins. Rest, the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you save significantly on your skip bin hire while choosing the right skip bin hire services.

7 Environmental Benefits of Skip Hire & Waste Management

Melbourne is one of the liveliest cities in the world. It’s growing population, economy and resources has brought prosperity to many Melbournians. But, it has also resulted in giving birth to lots of waste. In 2014, the Victorian Government had forecast that Melbourne could grow to 7.7 million people by 2051.

While there is a rise in the recycling and composting, we still send too much of waste to the landfill. This irresponsible waste disposal has given rise to many negative environmental and health impacts. In order to protect the environment, it’s vital to engage ourselves in the proper waste management activities.

Waste is valuable. It should be reduced, reuse and recycle. One such environmentally-friendly and efficient waste management activity is cheap skip bins in Melbourne. You can simply opt for some quality Melbourne skip hire service and ensure that your waste is properly treated. Opting for cheap skip bins in Melbourne can help reduce the amount of waste we put in the landfill and can really aid in making a real positive impact on our environment.

Below listed are the few points that will help you understand the importance of skip bin hire and proper waste disposal.

Cheap skip bin hire Melbourne

  1. Avoid Depleting Our Resources

When we choose to recycle and reuse, we avoid depleting our earth’s valuable resources. For instance, we cut down the trees to manufacture paper. If we recycle our paper, we alleviate the need to cut trees. When we recycle aluminium products, we don’t have to mine for aluminium. We can also recycle steel cans and glass bottles.

When we properly dispose of our waste, we help in improving the air and water quality. Additionally, we also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. If you are not able to visit any recycling facility in your town, opt for the cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne. Skip hire companies work with the licensed recycling facilities. The waste collected is usually salvaged for redistribution, recycling and reuse.

  1. Lower Energy Consumption

When you compare the process of manufacturing new products with that of recycling, you will find that the recycling process is more energy efficient. You will be surprised to know that recycling aluminium can save about 95% of the energy required for manufacturing the same amount of aluminium from raw materials. However, the amount of energy saved typically depends on the material and the process.

  1. Prevent Toxic Emissions

You might be wondering why not simply burn all the junk and save ourselves from all the chaos. But when you decide to dispose of waste this way, it may cause several toxic fumes to be released into the air. For example, burning plastic releases harmful gases and it should never be practised. By proper waste disposal, you prevent these toxic gases from entering our environment.

  1. Transform Waste Into Useful Products

As mentioned above, proper waste management converts recyclable materials into useful products. For all your green waste, you can contact a Melbourne skip hire company. They will recycle all your twigs, palm fronds, grass clippings and leaves and turn it into compost. This excellent fertiliser can be used in farming and cultivation. This way you are helping in reducing the need for artificial fertilisers. At the same time, you are also supporting healthier crop growth.

Waste which is non-recyclable goes through a controlled incineration process. The energy produced from this waste is to generate electricity. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to transform your waste into useful substances, without any proper waste management.

  1. Avoid Water Pollution

Another popular yet highly improper waste disposal method is flushing or pouring them down the drain. For example, people often flush the old medications as they are unsure about how to deal with them. Flushing medicines can pollute waterways. Thus it’s highly recommended to avoid these methods and look for some alternatives.

  1. Avoid Filling Up The Landfills

When you opt for cheap skip bins in Melbourne, you can rest assured that most of your waste won’t reach the landfills. When you hire a reputed company, your rubbish will be sent to a licensed recycling depot.

They also ensure that the other waste is incinerated as far as possible. You need to know that when end up filling our waste in the landfills; it decomposes slowly and results in the production of methane and leachate. These substances are extremely harmful to the environment. When we avoid dumping our waste in the landfills, we dramatically reduce the production of harmful substances.

  1. Control Spread of Disease

Waste is the perfect house for the bacteria. If not disposed of properly, they continue to grow.  Improper waste disposal allows diseases to proliferate in the environment. This risk of diseases and illness increases in the people or animals that come into the contact with the waste. Proper waste disposal helps in protecting the environment along with your friends, family and other people in the vicinity.


You may not have given it much thought, but opting for cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne significantly benefits the environment. When you choose a reliable and professional Melbourne skip hire company, you support reduce, reuse and recycle campaign. Additionally, you also aid in the reduction of the leachate production and greenhouse emissions.

Take the time to find quality cheap skip bins in Melbourne. They can be your active partner in conserving the environment for your future. Here are the four things that you need to consider while hiring skip bin

cheap skip bin hire Melbourne

4 Important Tips to Consider While Hiring a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin when you want to remove all the junk is surely the easiest way to consider. This will free you up from taking all types of worries including where you are going to stow your rubbish. The concept of professional skip bins is really being acclaimed far and wide, including Melbourne and the whole of Australia.

When you are revamping your home, cleaning it or undertaking any kind of home project, it becomes imperative to have a proper waste management system. A Melbourne skip hire is useful for everything from a small office transfer to a landscape gardening overhaul. Whatever your project is, first and foremost, you need to know a couple of things. How can you make this task easier and efficient, physically as well as financially?

If you are planning for a cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne, make sure you follow the below-mentioned tips as it will help you get the best value for your money.

Things to Do Before Taking the Skip Hire Services

Melbourne skip hire

  1. Identify the Best Skip Bin Size for Your Junk

Generally, the majority of the cheap skip bins in Melbourne come in size ranging from 2 to 8 cubic metres. For finding out the right size for your bin, you will need to consider two factors – the type and the amount of waste that you think can be generated out from your project. For instance, if you want to dispose of different types of waste, consider hiring multiple smaller bins as you will be able to separate the waste accordingly and systematically.

Ideally, it is recommended to hire a skip that is a bit bigger than what is actually required. Playing safe here will ensure you with an extra space to dump your waste, in case you generate more than expected. Also, as you are not permitted to stuff the skip over the limit lines, you may have to pay for additional costs or go for hiring the other one. To avoid all this chaos, it is best to get a bigger size skip bin. For better understanding, read our blog on the several do’s and dont’s of skip bin hire.

In order to give you an idea about what type of junk requires what skip size, here’s a useful guide for you. This will give you an insight into the size that you should consider for Melbourne skip hire.

  • 2m3 – When you have a small-residential cleanup project that involves single room renovation or spring cleaning
  • 3m3 – If it is a backyard cleanup or when you are moving into a new home
  • 4m3 – In case of garage cleaning or if you are renovating several rooms of your property
  • 6m3 – Big residential projects where a bigger amount of waste needs to be removed
  • 8m3 – To get rid of waste from a large construction project
  • 10m3 – To dispose of tonnes of rubbish which is typically required by large construction businesses
  • 12m3 – While clearing a deceased estate or removing waste from a home strip-out


  1. Determine the Type of Waste That You Need to Dispose Of

Once you have identified the size of the cheap skip bins in Melbourne, the next thing to consider is the type of waste that you are getting rid of. Generally, there is no such demand by the companies to segregate your rubbish according to its type, but doing so will definitely prove to be a helping hand in achieving a proper waste management. The additional benefit that you will get here is filling the skip bin more efficiently.

Depending on these general categories of waste, you can determine your waste type.

  • General Waste – This waste comprises commercial and household rubbish which can be anything except asbestos and hazardous items.
  • Green Waste – This waste category is all about grass and garden rubbish. The excluded rubbish here includes wet compost, soil, tree base or any type of carbonaceous waste.
  • Hard Fill – If the waste includes bricks, shingles, tiles and concrete, consider them in the hard fill type of rubbish.

Here’s our detailed post on the different types of waste and rubbish removal.

  1. Plan The Placement of Your Bin Carefully

It is essential to consider the placement of your bin before opting for Melbourne skip hire. The major reason is that these skips are not light in weight, hence if placed in one place; it can be a tough task for you to shift it or move it to other convenient places. Ensure that the placement is decided in a way that the supplier is able to drop your bin easily.

Have a look at these tips on choosing the right location of your skip

  • Ensure that the skip is placed in the close proximity to where you are planning to remove the waste
  • It is best if the surface is solid and flat as, if not, you may have to consider placing wooden blocks to make sure that the skip is levelled.
  • Verify that your skip bin hire company provides the service of driving the skip to your preferred location.
  1. Choose a Reliable Skip Bin Hire Company

It all depends on how reputed the company is! Always look for efficient as well as cheap skip bins in Melbourne as there are many suppliers out in the market claiming to offer the best in the industry. Select the company who gives you the assurance of providing a quality service at the best rates.

Contribute to Waste Management Practices with Skip Bins

It is very important to dispose of the waste in the proper way, which otherwise may create a great risk to the health and well-being of the people as well as the city around. So, whenever you are planning to undertake any work that will generate waste, opt for cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne and do your bit towards creating an eco-friendly environment.

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Why Are Skip Bins Considered to Be Ideal While Moving?

Relocating to Melbourne or anywhere else is a complex process that involves tons of things to keep a track of. This can sometimes turn out to be a mess and a difficult affair. But, if you have a professional assistance along with the right tools and techniques, your moving process can be a hassle-free affair. Amidst all this, there is another thing that is highly recommended while you are planning to shift – a skip bin hire in Melbourne.

Why Should You Consider A Bin Hire in Melbourne?

bin hire melbourne

Relocating to a new place means you have a long checklist to follow during the shifting process. There is a wide range of activities involved, including discontinuing utilities, updating forwarding addresses, packing and loading along with taking care of your belongings. This is where the role of skip bin comes into the picture. While carrying out these things, you will determine the belongings that you are planning to take with you and the ones that you will throw away. Hence, with the Melbourne bin hire, you can clear the unwanted things easily and de-clutter your old home easily.

How Will You Benefit From Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne?

A skip bin is not only limited to the weekly waste removal process that every house goes through. But, it has proved to be equally important and beneficial while moving houses. The three major benefits that hiring a skip bin offers are:

  1. Skip Bins are a Convenient Way to Clear Unwanted Things

Opting for a bin hire in Melbourne will give you a peace of mind that you do not have to worry about the waste that you are going to leave behind while relocating. A professional team will be there to take the responsibility of that mess. This makes moving a lot easier as your rubbish is tucked away neatly and your belongings that you are planning to take with you are already packed to be relocated with you.

  1. Skips Bins are Cost-Effective Way to Declutter Your Old Home

There are times when people make costly mistakes of moving things that they don’t need. This can take up more time as well as space in the van or truck, ultimately making your moving process more expensive. On the other hand, with the Melbourne bin hire, you not only clear your clutter at affordable rates, but you also optimise your moving process by transferring everything you don’t want into a skip bin.

  1. Skip Bins Help You Safely Get Rid of Waste

If you plan to take the rubbish to the landfill on your own, you may put yourself at the risk of getting injured or harmed as you are dealing with hazardous waste materials that may include rusty tin cans, broken glass or bulky furniture. When you hire a skip bin, you do not indulge in any such risk as you leave whole waste material process in the hands of a professional. They have appropriate waste removal techniques that help you to get rid of the waste safely. Also, hiring a skip bin has important environmental benefits too.

What Type of Waste Can Skip Bins Be Used For?

skip bin hire melbourne 

A skip bin easily accommodates most types of rubbish produced by the households. The regular waste can include:

  • All the general waste
  • Household waste
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Garden waste

Other rubbish things like bricks, concrete, tiles need to be taken into consideration while hiring a skip bin as they can accommodate such waste only to a limited extent because of the weight restrictions.

Whom Should You Contact for Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne?

There are many companies providing service of skip bin hire in Melbourne, but trust the ones who have experience, professional service and high-quality skip bins. You should be clear with your requirements like identifying the best skip bin size that will accommodate your needs and determining the type of waste you are disposing of. This will help you reach one step closer towards hiring a skip bin that fits your needs exactly.

Make Your Moving Process a Hassle-Free Affair

When you have upgraded facilities to help you with the moving process, why not take it? The Melbourne bin hire not only helps you declutter your old home but will also assist you in making your shifting process less stressful. So, find a reputable skip bin hire company to smoothen your entire relocation process and contribute towards an eco-friendly waste removal.

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The Major Do’s and Don’ts to Follow Before Hiring a Skip Bin

Whether you are looking to hire a skip bin for a household clearance project, for a residential DIY or you own a commercial building company and are looking to dispose off your building waste, it is important that you go for a cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne for the convenient disposal of all your garbage and waste.

But, during this process, it is important that you don’t fall into the trouble of any legal laws or legislation, or violate any safety rules. Because doing so can get you into trouble and incur extra costs. Following the below mentioned do’s and don’ts will help you to make sure you abide all the terms and conditions of the skip hire agreement.

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1. Order The Right-Sized Skip Bin

It is understood that ordering a skip bin that is too big for your requirements means that you will have to pay extra while ordering the one that is too small will damage your wallet. Once, the small bin is full you will have to order another one, which can double your costs and incur further charges. Therefore, while you go for cheap skip bins in Melbourne, it is extremely important that you ensure about its size before placing the order. Also, check out the skip bin size charts available on various websites that will help you in choosing the perfect size for your needs.

2. Do Not Overfill The Skip Bins

All your garbage or waste should be filled up to the top level of the skip container. Over accumulating the waste in the skip bins can cause the vehicle to exceed its permissible weight limit. In similar situations, the driver or the company is liable for violating the rules. Also, an overfilled skip bin possesses a serious safety threat to other road users. Overfilled skips can be refused by the driver and also incur you with extra charges for removal of waste. Therefore, make sure that you follow safety rules and fill the skip bins only up to permissible limits.

3. Consider The Positioning of The Skip

It is vital that you consider the positioning of the skip bin to maintain road safety. Will your skip bin be placed on the highway? What are the types of rubbish you will be throwing in it? How much is the quantity of the garbage?

If the skip bin is placed on the highway then you will require a permit along with extra safety measures and traffic cones to ensure the safety of others on the roads. A Melbourne skip hire company will be able to provide you.

4. Do Not Dump Dangerous Materials

Many common items like chemicals, asbestos, fridges, light bulbs, solvents, tyres, vehicle batteries, TVs, gas bottles, etc are not allowed in a skip bin. However, every skip bin hire company might have different limitations. Therefore, it is the best to check with your Melbourne skip hire company before you go for a waste disposal service to ensure that you are clear about the rules of your skip hire company.

5. Check Your Paperwork Thoroughly

If you want to leave your skip bin on a public road, it is mandatory to obtain a permit from the local council specifying your address and the start date of the cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne. If you fail to obtain the permit, it might incur a fine as well a retrospective application for your license. In major cases, it might also cause the removal of the skip bin with full payments. Therefore, when you hire a skip bin, make sure that you check your paperwork thoroughly.

6. Do not Choose The First Company You Come Across

Getting quotes from multiple companies will help you to find the right cheap skip bins in Melbourne. Do not go to the first company that you find online. There are many traders that will extort money from you for inadequate services. To avoid this, make sure that you check the company’s credentials with the environmental agency so that you know they are a licensed waste carrier or not. Also, check for testimonials and customer reviews so that you have a clear idea about the reliability and quality of the company.


These are the few basic but important things you need to know before hiring cheap skip bins in Melbourne, so as to avoid major pitfalls and get complete value for money services. Additionally, also make sure that you check with your skip hire company for its regulations and follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts for a smooth skip hire process. For more information, read our blog on important things that need to be considered during skip bin hire.

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Learn More About Waste Type And Rubbish Removal

“Save our environment with effective waste management.”

Every individual creates waste, which ends up in tip and landfills. Yet there are several families who go for recycling, but they also end up creating waste due to the fact that not each and every waste material is recyclable.

Did you know? Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. If all these wastes were put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times. The main reason behind this much amount of waste is that 99% of the things we purchase are trashed within 6 months.

You must be wondering, what happens to the rubbish after it is put into the skip bins? What are the different types of rubbish? Here in this blog, you will get all your answers related to waste types and rubbish removal.

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Basically, depending on the type of the material or regional terms, waste or rubbish is an unwanted material or substance. These wastes are classified according to their composition and origin. The types of wastes comprise of household waste, commercial waste, bulky waste and construction waste.

Confused about what to throw and what not into the skip bins? No worries! Here we have brief information about different types of wastes which can be put in a skip bin.

  • Domestic Waste

Most of the general household waste, incorporating boxes, timber, furniture, white goods, some electronic appliances, clothes, toys, carpet, polythene, food waste and other types of green waste can go in a skip bin.

Along with this, we should also keep in mind that these plastic waste should be taken care and disposed of to avoid the deaths of animals. It is estimated that marine waste, mostly plastic, is killing more than a million seabirds and 100,000 mammals every year.

  • Commercial Waste

Bricks, concrete, empty printer cartridges, packing materials, broken or damaged products, etc. cannot be disposed of in a general waste skip bin. You should dispose it separately in order to prevent it from mixing with general waste materials.

  • Clinical or Medical Waste

Did you know? According to Statistics MRC, the Global Medical Waste Management Market is valued at $10.78 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% to reach $16.2 billion by 2022.

Medical waste normally produced by hospitals and medical institutions should be handled carefully because it’s potentially harmful. Therefore, it needs to be disposed of carefully in skip bins Melbourne wide! For more information, read our blog post on important do’s and dont’s of skip bin hire.

Importance of rubbish removal

A clean environment is a happy environment!

Nowadays, due to busy lifestyle rubbish removal is considered as something that is taken for granted. But on the other hand, the service of garbage removal is essential for the health and sanitation of the community.

According to the recent ABS survey, “More than two-third i.e. 69% of Australian adults are concerned about the accumulation and disposal of household waste. So, therefore, it’s important that rubbish is disposed of efficiently and in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible”.

Rubbish removal also has some added benefits which create its impact on our health, environment and aesthetics. Some of them are listed below:

Skip Bin Melbourne

  • Protect Yourself From Diseases:

If you will not dispose your rubbish in skip bin and let the garbage pile up around your place, then this can create an adverse effect on your health. Rubbish removal is important for preserving health, comfort and happiness of everyone residing in your home.

  • Rubbish Removal for Aesthetics:

Many of you will agree to the point that a large pile of junk behind or in front of a garden creates oddity and absurdity. Same as that, your house loses its beauty with the heaps of garbage. However, you can take help of many bin hire Melbourne companies for an efficient rubbish removal service.

  • Save Your Environment:

The practice of storing the rubbish in unsuitable places instead of usual rubbish removal or pickup can cause harmful effect on the environment. So a routine rubbish removal is essential as it ensures you a beautiful environment and keeps your premises neat and clean allowing you to live a healthy life. Read here, the important environmental benefits of skip bin hire.


After having a look at these reliable benefits, it becomes imperative to have a good rubbish or trash removal system for efficient clearing of waste material.

Only one step is needed towards cleaning your surrounding and environment. Be that first step towards cleanliness!